7-Day Rebalancing Retreat

Balance your mind, body and spirit.

Lotus Village's surroundings
Lotus Village Outside Bouddha
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France
Lotus Village's Front view
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France

Welcome to a relaxing yet transformative 5-day Rebalancing Yoga retreat with Lotus Village. This all-inclusive program is designed to rebalance your mind, body and spirit through a holistic program of gentle daily Hatha and Restorative yoga and breathwork, daily guided meditation, two 90-minute Relaxation/Deep Tissue massages and two 90-minute Transformational coaching sessions. Take this unique opportunity to heal your mind, body and spirit in a beautiful location in the French countryside. And the best part? Our retreats are available any time, any day of week and are designed to be for an individual or a small group. Lotus Village looks forward to helping you on your journey to health balance and wellbeing.

Your Team

Tania is an intuitive energy healer, certified yoga instructor, massage therapist and hypnotist with over 15 years experience as a psychotherapist from Los Angeles. Tania focuses her life and practice on the mind/body/spirit connection and works in helping people to uncover their authentic self and life. Tania believes that true healing comes from listening to our deepest needs and dreams and that it is from this place of honesty that everything is possible in our lives. You can find more information about her personal story and practice here.

Lucas is a certified holistic life coach, reiki practitioner and hypnotist from France with additional knowledge in techniques such as NLP, visualization, and inner child work. His practice is focused on assisting people to reconnect back to themselves and their needs. Lucas is skilled at guiding people towards solutions and ways to make concrete changes in their lives. You can find more information about him and his personal story here.

Benefits of 7-Day Rebalancing Retreats

As my first retreat I came expecting to expand my knowledge about yoga and meditation. But I got so much more, by actually expanding my knowledge about myself, and how my mind works. And most important, how to guide it towards happiness and for that I'll be forever grateful.
I enjoyed everything! The space is super cozy and relaxing. The schedule was perfectly balanced, the food was amazing.

Tayane, Brazil 

Yoga & Meditation program 

  • Most retreats provide only yoga, meditation or group workshops and one-one-one sessions are extra. We provide you with everything! Daily meditation/breathwork and yoga and one-on-one sessions of two Relaxation Massages and two private Transformational Coaching sessions are all included for a more powerful healing experience.

  • Special welcome gift to support your weekend and healing process.

  • Informal coaching and support provided throughout the weekend as well as opportunities to ask questions and get feedback between activities.

  • Our retreats are designed for 1 to 4 people maximum so you receive a more personalized experience with lots of one-on-one attention, peace and quiet and time to really connect with yourself.

  • Flexible atmosphere during your retreat and all your one-on-one instruction so that you feel "at home" and comfortable to ask questions.

Our individual and small group retreats (1-4 people) are offered in a beautiful 2-bedroom wood and stone cottage one hour from Toulouse. Here you will experience life in the French countryside with beautiful fields all around, horses, a river just behind the house and a lake 10 minutes away by car with nature trails. You can enjoy being surrounded by peace, quiet and nature as you swing in one of our hammocks, go for a long, tranquil walk, take a swim in the pool (summer time only), enjoy a nice bike ride or just relax in the house. Whatever you choose... it's up to you.

7-Day Rebalancing Retreat Package

(Starts day 1 at 4pm - Ends day 7 at 2pm)  

  • Welcome gift package

  • Two 90-Minute Relaxation/Deep Tissue massages

  • Two 90-minute Transformational Coaching sessions

  • Daily yoga/breathwork

  • Daily guided meditation

  • Excursion to Saturday French Market (arrivals Sunday - Friday)

  • 3 vegetarian meals per day along with snacks, juice, coffee, tea and  water

  • 6 nights accommodation

  • After retreat page on our website with tools to help support your progress.

* Please note, additional healing services (massage, life coaching, energy healing) can be added for an extra charge.


7-Day Rebalancing Retreat Package

(Starts day 1 at 2pm - Ends day 7 at 3pm)  

One Person Shared Room

(annual membership included)

One Person Private Room

(annual membership included)

 ** Lotus Village is a non-profit association. Membership fees are used for the functioning of the association. 

Want to stay longer ?

70€ per person / night


(Includes meals and accomodation)


Extra service(s) 

(If wanted)

  • Massage (1 hour)- 50€

  • Transformational Coaching (1 hour)- 65€

  • Energy Healing (1 hour)- 65€

Our Yoga

While there are many different styles of yoga that all offer valuable opportunities to learn and grow, here at Lotus Village, we utilize a combination of Hatha, Restorative and Yoga Therapy to teach you not only the physical aspects of the yoga asanas, but also the philosophy of yoga as well and the wisdom of this ancient method of self-inquiry. And to better illustrate the concepts of yoga, each day there will be a particular theme for the class such as, mindfulness, compassion, empowerment, grounding, etc. that you will learn about and focus on practicing through the meditation, pranayama and asanas. This helps to not only better organize your practice, but it also gives a structure to begin understanding how to integrate your practice into your day-to-day life, rather than simply experiencing a series of asanas that feel random and purely fitness oriented. 

Our yoga is taught by certified yoga instructor and holistic therapist, Tania Manczarek, and is accessible to all levels whether you're a newbie, a beginner or you've been practicing for some time. Everything is explained so that you feel confident and relaxed each step of the way, making it easier to connect to the practice, understand the philosophy and learn the correct posture alignments. The Hatha and Restorative styles of the physical yoga practice are done slowly focusing on learning how to do the postures correctly, while using different props and adjustments for your body and level of skill. This way, each person can practice according to their physical ability and what feels right for them.

Here at Lotus Village, our retreats focus not only on keeping the physical body in balance, but also the mind, body, spirit connection in balance as well. Because of this, a key part of our retreats are our private Transformational Coaching sessions with Life Coach and Reiki practitioner, Lucas Coelho.


Each session will include a discussion about different aspects of your life and practice exercises to create more balance between your mind, body and spirit. These sessions are designed to increase your self-awareness and to help provide you with practical tools to use in your day-to-day life to reduce stress, achieve your personal goals and improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Our Transformational Coaching Sessions

Your Meals

Passionate about cooking, healthy living and vegetarianism, Lotus Village offers delicious vegetarian cuisine during your retreat. We love showing others how vegetarian food is not only healthy but tasty and satisfying as well. If interested in learning how to cook vegetarian food, don't hesitate to ask questions as we are happy to share recipes and information. If you have any specific allergies or dietary restrictions, please inform Lotus Village in advance.

Additional Services

Included in the price of this retreat are two 90-minute relaxation/deep tissue massage sessions, a 90-minute energy healing session, three 90-minute Transformational Coaching sessions plus two after-retreat Transformational Coaching sessions. Extra sessions can be booked at an additional cost. Here is the menu of services offered at the Lotus Village:


*Energy healing (65 EUR for 90 minutes)

*Relaxation/Deep Tissue Massage (50 EUR for 60 minutes /70 EUR for 90 minutes /85 EUR for 120 minutes)

*Transformational Coaching session (65 EUR for 60 minutes)

What's Not Included

  • Airfare

  • Airport transfer (available for additional charge upon request)

  • Additional services or excursions


Full payment is due at time of booking.


Payment can be made by bank wire transfer or PayPal (fees apply). For all payments by bank wire transfer, participants will be responsible for any bank charges incurred. Cash, checks, credit cards not accepted.

Cancellation Policy

50% refund for cancellations up to 2 weeks before the first day of your retreat. No refunds for cancellations made less than 2 weeks before your retreat.

Questions & Booking

To book one of our retreat, or if you have any other questions about the retreats, please feel free to contact us HERE or by email at tania.lotusvillage@outlook.com

I searched for a calm place to rejuvenate for a few days in the sun, however, my retreat with Tania and Lucas brought me so much more than this. My mind, body and spirit were all rejuvenated. I appreciated the calm environment, the wonderful smoothies that Tania made with fresh fruits and vegetables. Thank you.

Celine, France

Meditation program

I had a terrific time! It was a week of learning, introspection and amazing relaxation. Tania and Lucas are genuine in their caring and interest in their guests. This is a great thing and I appreciate it. The environment is calm, the surrounding nature is beautiful and it is  just  easy   to  relax  and   find   your

William, Unites States

Meditation program

balance here. The food was delicious and healthy. The classes and instruction were paced nicely. The life coaching gave me some things to think about but more importantly, I'm leaving with concrete steps to see real change and growth in my life. Thank you.
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France
Lotus Village - Yoga Retreat France
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