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I'm Tania and I'm so excited you've started your own path back to feeling better and happy. I'm a trained therapist, intuitive energy healer, massage therapist, hypnotist and yoga instructor originally from Los Angeles. I focus my life and practice on the mind/body/spirit connection and will work to help you uncover your authentic self and life. I believe true healing comes from listening to your deepest needs and dreams and that it is from this place of honesty that everything is possible in your life.

I'm Lucas and I'm here to help you gain practical tools to move your life forward. I'm a certified holistic life coach, reiki practitioner and hypnotist from France with additional knowledge in techniques such as NLP, visualization, and psycho-geneology. I will focus on assisting you to reconnect back to yourself and your needs. I'm great at guiding you towards solutions and ways to make concrete changes in your lives.

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