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The best way to create lasting change and to assimilate new behaviors in your life is through awareness and practice. 

Because of this,  Lotus Village has created two wellness booklets to inform and encourage you to begin making changes and to try alternative ways of healing that you may be unfamiliar with.


The first booklet offers you recipe ideas to assist you in learning another way of eating to bring your body and mind back into balance because small changes in how you eat can have a huge impact on our mood and physical health. It's critical not to ignore this aspect of your wellness and to pay attention to the way you nourish your body. 


The second booklet offers you different techniques, ideas and practical exercises to accompany your healing process and to offer additional guidance and new ways of thinking about your personal development and overall well-being.



Remember, you are not alone. Lotus Village is your wellness partner and ally. 

Don't wait anymore to take action. Each day counts...tomorrow can be anything you want it to be.

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Discover our recipes for better health and vitality. Smoothies, pasta, soup, salad, sushi, dessert...Recipes that are not only good for your health, but are full of taste and color! For those who may think healthy eating means boring food with no taste, we invite you give these recipes a try. We know you will be surprised. Bon appetit!


Enjoyment and vitality in your kitchen!

Recipe booklet for

healthy eating

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Wellness Booklet for Personal Development

A mini guide for big change!


Discover our mini guide with different types of healing advice and exercises to support you on your journey back towards yourself and your dreams.


Change is possible... it's in your hands.

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