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  • My coaching sessions can take place in my office or by Skype.

  • Free 20 min phone consultation provided.

  • Sessions can be done in French or in English.


 Life coaching is a more direct and practical approach to solving various life problems that we all face such as relationship issues, job dissatisfaction, wanting to change your career, and lack of motivation, for example. I help people to get rid of the gray in their lives and to let the sun go back into it. Remenber that behind every dark sky and set of clouds, however thick the clouds may seem, above there is always, always the sun. 


I hear every day about people who are not satisfied with their lives, who are lost and would like to change things, not able to deal with all the emotions and all the stress. People like you and me who simply feel unhappy. People who need support and guidance to make their life a better place.

Is Life Coaching is for you? 


- You feel stressed or irritated more than half the time?

- You lash out at others? Find it difficult to control your anger?

- You feel as if you are not moving forward in your life?

- You feel lost? Like you no longer have control of own your life? That life is passing you by?

- Would you say that you are dissatisfied with your life? With your work?

- Is there conflict in your relationships with others? (partner, family, friends, co- workers, ... )

- Have you ever thought about changing your life without ever having the strength and courage to do so?

- You have a dream or a goal you want to achieve but don’t know where to start?

- Your self-confidence is low or non-existent?

- You’re never able to completely relax and let go?

- Your life with your romantic partner is tense, difficult or unsatisfying?


If you answered YES to at least one of these questions,

Life Coaching can help you ...

A coaching made for YOU...

Feeling better in our lives is possible and it doesn’t mean you have to change everything. For example, being able to ask for a raise at work, learning to relax more, knowing how to manage your time or emotions better, building your self-confidence and knowing your value or stopping negative thoughts ... these are all ways that can significantly improve your life and it doesn’t require you to change every part of your life. Anything is possible... you just need the desire.

Anything is possible...

You just need the desire and the commitment.

Facing a world of growing unhappiness, one of my first questions is, "If anything was possible and with a snap of your finger you could have the life you want, what would your life be like? "
As surprising as it may seem, most people truly do not know how to answer. Beyond the usual, "I would leave my job, I would travel..." they don’t know. It’s almost impossible for them to imagine. And when I ask, "What is your dream? What interests you?" they are lost again and unable to answer.
We are all prisoners of our own barriers. Since a very young age we are taught what is possible or not and we are told that life is work. We are told that we should have a house, kids, life is hard and that dreams are not attainable.We are told that life is about sacrifice, that our job does not need to make us happy but should just "pay the bills.” And so, we’re never taught how to make a living doing something we love to do. We are told that only the best can win and that life is about competition rather than encouraging us to respect ourselves and others. We are told by society again and again that physical and emotional well-being is useless.

If anything was possible right now, and with a snap of your finger

you could have the life you want, what would your life be like?

Many people come to me when everything seems to be going well according to the culturally prescribed criteria they have been taught such as having a good job, good health and sometimes a family. But these very same people that seem to have everything people want often have something else in common-- they are lost and unhappy.

In order to better help my clients, I have adapted and developed my own style of life coaching. Using different “classic” coaching techniques I also bring other elements from my professional and personal experience. My coaching is based on the interactions between me and my client and the exercises used during and/or between sessions.

The power of the mind, the brain can be formidable ... both negatively and positively. Aware of this power of the mind and the importance of making peace with oneself and with one’s past, I learned to listen differently, and to guide my clients to make peace with the underlying sufferer-- our wounded inner child. So, my coaching allows a whole reconnection with ourselves, our bodies and our wounded child.

You are the master of your emotions and the creator of your life.

You have the power to make your life what you want it to be.

Because our body and mind are linked, each part can impact the other with consequences that can sometimes be severe. Well aware of this mind/body connection, I wanted to be able to work, when necessary, with both parts. For this reason, I am also a REIKI practitioner, able to provide more comprehensive support to my clients. Support that can assist both the mind and the body.


Each coach has their own approach to coaching and their own personality. Again, it is important to feel good, in complete confidence, and truly engaged in this process of change in which after we feel more free and strong. I tell each of my clients that this feeling of freedom is possible and within reach, but it is not easy. As the coach, I accompany my clients, encourage them, and

provide the necessary keys, but thinking that the work is done by me is a mistake. I help you see that another way is possible, a path to your happiness

Each of my clients is the master of their own life and emotional freedom and also their suffering. Sometimes we have to faces things that we refused to see for years, but this confrontation is the way to the freedom and peace with oneself, if we hold on.

My coaching can also be an effective way to help soothe relationship conflict in a couple with each person being able to freely express their needs, expectations and challenges. I feel the success of a couple very much depends on the capacity of each person to let go of the control that they instinctively exert on the other, and to accept each other as they really are and not as they would like them to be. The goal is to create a safe space for the couple, that doesn’t exclude each person as an individual, and nourishes mutual respect and their differences.


Jealousy, stress, fears, irritability, anger, lack of communication or need for control all give rise to tensions within a couple. But this is not inevitable and can be overcome. By each person working on themselves as an individual, as well as working together on the partnership, the couple can build a stronger respect and love.


This work itself DOES NOT REPLACE any medical treatment. It is not to be used "instead of," but, "in addition to" ... It is by treating the body and mind that the balance can be found.


UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE is this work meant to be a substitute for a proper medical exam or treatment by a medical physician.

Some more specific uses of Life Coaching:


- Overcoming fears (shyness, public speaking, ...)

- Overcoming blockages

- Improving relationships with others (family, friends, colleagues ...)

- Learning to better manage emotions (stress, anger, anxiety, ...)

- Take charge of your future

- Putting your plans into action and realizing your dreams

- Creating a more positive self-image (gain confidence and self-esteem)

- Learning to let go (control issues and negative emotions)

- Improving your couple (can be done alone or as a couple)

- Life transitions (change of job, career, relationship…)


60 minute session

65 euros

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