Do you need support to feel free and happy?

Are you looking for concrete and solution-oriented help?

Are you tired to talk about "why" and want to talk about how to feel better?

Hi, I'm Lucas.

I'm here to help you make

the change you need.

Holistic Coach / Reiki Practitioner

Lucas is someone who really listens. He knows how to help you look at your life and find what's stopping you from moving forward. From there, the work can begin.
Karine. FR
"Within a few months, I evolved and blossomed more than after years of psychotherapy. I finally feel ready to live my dreams rather than dream my life ...
He brought me something new, a different vision of life and difficulties we may experience. It was liberating."
Yannis T, FR

Coaching Package

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For 150€


Normally 195€

You save 45€!



How much longer will you wait to be happy?

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Tel. +33 6 71 36 74 86
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