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We believe that in order to deeply heal and feel better that the mind, body and spirit all need support. Often, physical and emotional problems surface because of chronic stress, trauma and ongoing negative emotions in our day-to-day lives. Over time, the body and mind find ways to signal they are out of balance through different symptoms. But if we ignore these signs and symptoms for too long, the body and mind can eventually break down leading to bigger and more serious problems. Fortunately, by seeking support through psychotherapy, life coaching or relationship counseling you can begin to resolve your symptoms on both an emotional and physical level and prevent further issues from developing. Contact our practitioners today to learn how our therapies can help you.


What Is Holistic Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a more direct and practical approach to solving various life problems that we all face such as relationship issues, job dissatisfaction, wanting to change your career, and lack of motivation, for example. An analogy to explain what I do is to often say, ''I’m a cloud hunter,'' since life today, for many people, often looks like a stormy sky. And my job, is to help gradually reduce these layers of darkness and clouds. I help people to get rid of the gray and to let the sun back into their lives. I remind my clients that behind every dark sky and set of clouds, however thick the clouds may seem, above there is always, always the sun. 

I also use the term "holistic" to better describe my specific style of coaching since I look at the whole person (mind and body) and all aspects of their lives rather than only the presenting problem. By doing this, the person feels a greater sense of relief in their life and their "problem" is less likely to return or to resurface as another issue. 

I hear every day about people who are not satisfied with their lives, who are lost and would like to change things, not able to deal with all the emotions and stress. People like you and me who simply feel unhappy. Some think that things cannot change and that their dreams are just an impossible fantasy. Others want to find a solution, but they don’t know how. Others are trying, unsuccessfully, because they do not find the support they need. But those who succeed, do so because they decide to give themselves the means to find their happiness and towards peace.


That's where holistic life coaching comes in. Using various “classic” coaching techniques (ie, NLP, visualization, anchoring and other tools) as well as knowledge from my own life and travels, I am able to help my clients in identifying the cause of their problems and to provide concrete tools to know how to solve them.

Rates :

60 minute session : 65 euros.



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What is Psychotherapy ?

Psychotherapy is an extremely powerful tool in helping people to feel better in their lives, and yet most people shy away or never consider it because they think that talking about themselves or their feelings is a "waste of time."  Or people have the picture that they will lie down on a couch and talk about their childhood in therapy for years and years. This couldn't be farther from the truth...

While there are many different styles of therapy, my approach tends to be more direct and practical and is focused on providing tools, techniques and feedback from your first appointment. We work to understand the areas or problems of your life that you want to

work on, to identify any cause(s) and to give a "road map" or plan to resolve these areas. In addition, I often use my intuition to better understand what's going on which I find is invaluable in helping my clients to progress faster since we can more quickly "get to the bottom of things." I also give suggestions or "homework" to do between sessions in order to help further your progress and to provide practical tools to incorporate in your day-to-day life. 

My overall belief is that everyone is capable of being happy and creating the life they truly want. We often just need the space and time with someone we trust and can be totally honest with to make this happen. My job is to create that safe space for you to really look at what you need to be happy and to figure out the best way for you to make that happen. Often our problems are related to just needing to talk about what's going on in our lives so when can get enough perspective and support to know how feel better. 


Lastly, therapy is ultimately about you being open and honest with yourself and making a committment to your SELF. Therapy will only be as effective as you want it to be and will progress as quickly as you decide. In my experience, the two greatest keys to "successful therapy" are committment and trust. This means, a committment to yourself and the therapy process as well as feeling a deep sense of trust with your therapist. When these two ingredients are in place, all things are possible.



Rates :

60 minute session : 70 euros.



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Relationship and Couples' Coaching

All relationships and couples need help sometimes since it is often the people we love the most and are the closest to that challenge us so deeply. Relationships also show us things about ourselves that we don't want to see and they push us to compromise regularly. While compromise is always a key component of all relationships, often people compromise so much that they lose track of who they are and their own needs in order to keep the couple or relationship together. Over time, we can become resentful, frustrated and disconnected from the person we originally fell in love with causing large amounts of pain and suffering in one's life and for everyone involved.


Relationship or couples' coaching can be extremely valuable in providing a place for people to start talking again and to reconnect with each other and what  they  need  as  individuals.

With the coaching you will learn important communication tools and other techniques to give you practical ways of living a happier life as a couple and you will receive feedback about areas that need to be addressed. 


Coaching also helps to give us the distance and perspective we need to see our relationships more clearly and the part we play in them. By giving yourself and your couple this critical time and space, you will have the chance to bring the life, love and passion back into your life. 

Rates :

60 minutes : 85 euros



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