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Why help Lotus Village?

The idea of Lotus Village was created from our desire to live a more balanced way of life in harmony with nature, each other and ourselves. A desire to create a self-sustained community that would leave less of an impact on nature and would reduce our dependence on big corporations for things like food, water, electricity, etc. To create a community from the ground up with the values of sharing, healing and growing alongside other like-minded people and to reject the established, capitalistic belief systems of greed, power, wealth and materialism. Living in harmony with nature on a day-to-day basis, learning how to grow one’s own food again, build one’s own home and to create an awareness that each action can have a purposeful and positive effect on our environment.


By reducing our dependence on major corporations for our day-to-day living, we are also purposefully reducing the amount of toxins we consume and absorb in our food and products. Becoming more responsible consumers who are aware and educated about the content of the products we buy as well as the ethics of the companies producing them. So, by producing our own food, collecting and treating our own water and supplying our own electricity from the sun, we can become more responsible for our own health and well-being-- no longer at the mercy of whatever companies decide to put into the food and products we buy without telling us and no longer supporting companies who are slowly and quietly destroying our planet and the human race.


We realize Lotus Village may not change the world (although you never know), but that it’s a means of impacting what we can. A way to stop wondering how we can change the world around us and to take action in our own way. Through our community, we hope to inspire others to move towards a more balanced, healthy and conscious existence and to begin to dream outside of “the box.” To begin to ask themselves if they are truly joyful, peaceful and passionate in their lives or if they are going through the motions of living a life that society has told them to live. To stop chasing after a life that has no meaning and to begin living with a sense of purpose. To contribute to improving the world by becoming more responsible and educated consumers and by making small environmentally-conscious choices that leave less of a footprint on the planet. To begin to return to who you really are underneath the all the daily obligations, and to uncover your individual gifts and talents. And ultimately, to heal and to reconnect with yourself. By healing ourselves we can heal the world and vice versa.


It’s a big project that we are undertaking, and we know this. But to do anything less would not be true to who we are. We feel the best way for people to heal, is to not only empower them with information and support, but to provide them with an actual space that is nurturing, calm and feeds the spirit. A space away from their usual day-to-day environment and stress. Because of this, we decided to incorporate our desire for a healing community and an eco-community into one, capable of offering all of our healing services, workshops, retreats and special events, to receive visitors who can come for the day or for several days or weeks and to grow into a larger community of those who wish to live long-term at Lotus Village.

Our vision...


We are currently in the process of trying to locate a viable piece of land in a natural environment, large enough to build this self-sustained community that we envision. We are considering the South of France, Spain and surrounding countries.


We plan for Lotus Village to eventually include the following:



- A main building for receiving visitors, holding healing and environmental workshops, groups, presentations, discussions and other events


- Communal kitchen within the main building for organic cooking/ nutrition classes, visitor days, retreats and all other events


- Housing for members who live in the community long-term


- Guest houses/bungalows for our visitors, retreat/workshop/event participants and our visiting healing providers


- Healing rooms for our individual services


- Guest camping area for our visitors or retreat/workshop/event participants


- Organic garden/permaculture area


- Composting area


- Water collection/treatment area​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

How you can help...


As you can see, there is a lot to be done!


That’s why your help is critical.


If you believe in our project and want to help make it a reality, here are some of the options in supporting

Lotus Village:


  • Become a member! By becoming a member, you not only enjoy a lot of great benefits (see Become a Member), but at the same time, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your membership fee is helping us to create the community we outlined above.


  • Help us locate a viable piece of land. If you know of a piece of property that someone may be willing to donate to our non-profit association, please contact us. Many communities have been started on abandoned or unused land that either an individual or a city may own but are not using. This land can often be donated for the purpose of improving its surrounding community.


  • Donate land! Obviously we realize this might be a long-shot, but we need to put the intention out there in order for this to happen. Again, if you have a piece of land that is either abandoned or not being utilized, we would love the opportunity to speak with you more about the Lotus Village project. Just click contact us.


  • Donate money. Any small amount can help us as we are in the beginning phase of turning Lotus Village into a reality. As such, many supplies and materials are needed to get this project off the ground. If interested in donating money, please click on I Want to Donate at the bottom of the page.


  • Donate building materials. Since we are building an eco-friendly and self-sustainable community that has the least amount of impact on the environment, we will be using recycled and organic materials such as old tires, dirt, recycled wood, stones, etc. along with modern inventions such as solar panels and water filtration systems. If you are part of a company or are an individual who would like to donate some of these materials, please contact us.


  • Help spread the word! This is an easy one, but actually very important. Telling people about the Lotus Village healing and self-sustainable community will help it to grow and thrive. If interested, we can also put together a “marketing packet” for you to share our marketing materials with others. Just let us know if you would like one through our contact section.


  • Volunteer your time to help us construct Lotus Village. As soon as we have the land, we are going to  need as many volunteers as possible to help build it. Please join our Facebook page at to see ongoing updates about this and to let us know if you are interested in helping. Donate your expertise. For those who may have specific knowledge in permaculture or building eco-friendly and sustainable structures, we would love to talk to you and to have you assist as much as you are able to with the building process. Please contact us and let us know.



Thank you!


We want to thank you for taking the time to learn about Lotus Village and our dream. Wherever you may be reading this website from at this moment, we hope we inspired you a bit in some way. Whether it be to take a step towards your physical or emotional healing, to begin to think about what you really want in your life, to begin to reconnect with your innate talents and passions that you may have been telling yourself are useless or unrealistic, or whether you decide to become more informed about the products and food you buy… all of it is a success and a move in the right direction. We hope to accompany you at some point on your journey towards wellness and we encourage you to follow your own dreams. Like this, we will change our world.

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