Shamanic Energy Healing

"I tried an energy session with Tania, at first, to see how it all worked,  but I never expected to have such an incredible experience."

Shanna P., France

"It is the most powerful energy healing experience I had. There is something so ancient, such a deep connection, I'm feeling lucky and blessed. Thank you. I feel already much lighter and more powerful to do the things I wanted to in the New Year."

Kim J., Luxembourg

"A healing session with Tania totally blew me away. She is amazing."

Caroline, UK

Energy healing, also known as “energy work,” “therapeutic touch” or “healing touch,” uses the healer’s hands to create energetic shifts over specific energy centers of the client's body, or chakras (energy centers), sending and receiving energy as well as removing energy blocks and balancing the body's energy. One increasingly common type of energy healing you may have heard of is Reiki, for example, which originated in Japan and has been adapted by different cultures and countries over time. Many different types of energy healing exist today, but most come from the same underlying principals and concepts to assist with the healing process.


"To only address the mind while ignoring the wisdom and needs of the body is not the best approach, and further teaches us to disconnect from our bodies, our intuition and our own wisdom-- the very sources of healing."


Having discovered my energy healing ability many years ago while going through my own healing process and search for spiritual answers in my life, and having worked with different energy healers over time, I have witnessed firsthand the power of energy healing. Although the use of a healing modality such as psychotherapy is powerful for many kinds of issues, as a trained therapist, I feel to only address the mind while ignoring the wisdom and needs of the body is not the best approach, and further teaches us to disconnect from our bodies, our intuition and our own wisdom-- the very sources of healing.


How can energy healing help me?


Energy healing sessions can be used for all kinds of emotional or physical problems including chronic pain, stomach issues, sleep issues, fatigue, headaches, menstrual issues, infertility issues, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, trauma, irritability, anger, and the list goes on and on. As a spiritual coach, intuitive energy healer, certified hypnotist and massage therapist, energy healing is a wonderful way to heal your mind, body and spirit.


Concerning any potential medical issues, it is recommended to always check with your doctor first to rule out any physiological causes. Although not a medical cure or treatment, energy healing is a wonderful adjunct and extremely helpful for chronic issues that have no underlying medical cause and even for those that are medically related. It is my belief that most medical issues have an emotional connection that when addressed, can alleviate or help to heal the physical problem.

What happens during an energy healing session?


During an energy healing session you will lay down fully clothed on a massage table with your eyes closed and be asked just to relax. Each energy session lasts about 90 minutes and includes some time at the beginning of the session to discuss your current concerns and goals in order to better focus the energy work.  There is also a feedback portion at the end of the session to debrief about the experience and any messages or sensations that I or you received and to sometimes provide counseling support and “homework” assignments to help further the healing process. Sessions can be scheduled once a week for more chronic or severe issues, but normally every 2-3 weeks or as you feel you need them.

What happens during a distance energy healing session?


If you would like an energy healing session but can't attend in person, don't worry, I also offer them by phone or by Skype. Because energy moves through space and time, it is not necessary for you to actually be physically present for a session and the healing you receive is just as powerful. For some people, they find the distance healing to actually be a more powerful experience and prefer to receive the energy in the comfort of their own home. Generally speaking, I find that where the energy work takes place is not as important as just getting started and giving yourself the time and space for the healing to occur. 

For a distance energy healing session, I set up the session as I normally would if you were physically present. The initial part of each energy session with you will involve a talking portion to better understand what physical or emotional issues you would like to address for the session, to set an intention and to answer any questions you might have. As a spiritual coach as well a background as a trained and licensed therapist, I am also able to provide additional support, expertise and guidance as well about your life and any issues you may be facing. This combination of expertise is quite rare in the energy healing profession and I find it to be extremely valuable to my clients since what happens in a session often needs to be integrated intellectually as well as physically. 

After the counseling is the energy healing portion which is about 45-60 minutes and is done with you laying down somewhere comfortable in your home with the phone or computer on so that you can hear what is happening as I do the energy work from my location. After the healing, we will talk for another 15 minutes about what I felt and saw and any messages I received for you as well as what you experienced. Again, I find this to be another important part of the healing experience and process as our minds often need assistance in making sense of what has happened in an energy healing session. By talking about what has happened, we give more meaning to the experience which acts as a guide for how you can move forward in your life and helps with the integration process.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask as I'm always happy to answer your questions or contact me to schedule your free 20 minute consultation to learn more about distance energy healing.

Rates :

In-Person Appointment


60 Euros

Distance Appointment

by Skype or Phone



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More Testimonials

"Twelve days ago I drove to Tania's for an Energy Healing appointment. I agreed to try this on recommendation from a close friend who had recently received a treatment from Tania. I had absolutely no knowledge or preconceptions of what or how Tania worked or what took place in a healing session. Over the past 20 years I have experienced many hands on healing techniques and bodywork practices. Psychotherapy, Energy work, Acupuncture, Yoga. I've been a meditator and a yoga practitioner and teaching for the past 15 years. Conciously and intentionally working on my own spiritual healing journey. In the months leading up to meeting Tania, I had been lost and stuck in a hold of grief and loss. My body and mind literally felt Stuck, crystallized and unable to move on and flow. With all my will, it felt impossible to break free of the holding pattern that this body/mind had fallen into. So, I was in Tania's healing room. She explained to me before she commenced, how she worked spontaneously and intuitively 'Shamanically.' I was in a place where I'd try anything wholesome to shift my stuck state. 

What happened during that timeless Hour I still don't have a language to explain. It was wonderful, a terrifically different healing experience. Something HUGE shifted in my body; almost like a blocked, dammed up water course had been unblocked. Now, nearly two conventional weeks later my life, my heart, my ideas, intentions and aspirations are flowing with brightness again. 6 days ago I woke in the morning and an inner brightness had returned. I've started to feel masculine, strong, decisive and open again. Loving my own life and path, and conciously choosing.

Thank you Tania, I don't know what happened in that healing hour, but whatever it was it was wonderful."


Yoga Teacher, UK  

"I feel fortunate to bump into people that give and serve in such an honest way. Tania's healing practices are powerful. Talking about my own experience, the more I have allowed myself to open and connect to her energy healing, the more profound the healing process has become. The sessions begin with a warm welcoming from her, and the space, which gives you the sensation of being in a cocoon or somewhere disconnected from external reality. I also appreciate that after the session there's an open space to feel free to talk about the experience, like an exchange. Overall, and I repeat, it feels honest. That is why it heals."

Adriana R.


Art Therapist, Columbia 

"Eventhough I was always a bit sceptical about things that are outside the "mainstream,"  I was never against trying an energy session, and on the contrary, I had always wanted to see for myself this method that would bring me at the worst, nothing bad , but at best, the hope to be at total peace with myself. 

Tania explained her sessions and that the only thing for me to do was to lie down, close my eyes and relax. For about 45 min Tania did a lot of work. I felt several times strange sensations, very strange...  When her hands were near my chest and she made different hand gestures, it felt as if my organs inside were moving and it was the same for several other places in my body. I also had a vision of a black screen or curtain that appeared at one point in the session.

Tania explained what she saw and felt. Everything she told me left me speechless  and all of it made sense causing me to think about many things in my life. Now, there is the work I will continue to do in my life thanks to Tania’s advice and information. Tania is still available and present for all questions which is also something great. 

Today, I can say that energy healing really works and I recommend Tania to anyone who wants to discover energy healing.  She is a very sweet and caring person , she loves her profession and her professionalism allows us to feel totally confident."


Business Owner, Benjamin


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