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We believe that in order to deeply heal and feel better that the body, as well as the mind, need support. Often, physical and emotional problems surface because of chronic stress, trauma or ongoing negative emotions in our day-to-day lives. Over time, the body and mind find ways to signal they are out of balance through different symptoms. But if we ignore these signs and symptoms for too long, the body and mind can eventually break down leading to bigger and more serious problems. The good news is that by obtaining healing through energy work, Reiki or massage, you can begin to resolve your symptoms on both an emotional and physical level and prevent further issues from developing. Try a healing session today to discover how it can help you feel better.



Energy healing, also known as “energy work,” “therapeutic touch” or “healing touch,” uses the healer’s hands to create energetic shifts over specific energy centers of the client's body, or chakras (energy centers), sending and receiving energy as well as removing energy blocks and balancing the body's energy. 


Having discovered my energy healing ability several years ago while going through my own healing process and search for spiritual answers in my life, and having worked with different energy healers over time, I have witnessed firsthand the power of energy healing. Although the use psychotherapy is powerful for many kinds of issues, as a mental health therapist, I feel to only address the mind while ignoring the wisdom and needs of the body is not the best approach, and further teaches us to disconnect from our bodies, our intuition and our own

What Is Energy Healing?

wisdom-- the very sources of healing. For this reason, I often also incorporate energy healing into my psychotherapy work with clients in order to identify underlying issues that are affecting the person and their ability to heal.

How can energy healing help me?


Energy healing sessions can be used for all kinds of emotional or physical problems including chronic pain, stomach issues, sleep issues, fatigue, headaches, menstrual issues, infertility issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, irritability, anger issues, and the list goes on and on. As a licensed mental health therapist, intuitive energy healer and certified hypnotist and massage therapist, energy healing is a wonderful way to heal your mind, body and spirit.


Concerning any potential medical issues, it is recommended to always check with your doctor first to rule out any physiological causes. Although not a medical cure or treatment, energy healing is a wonderful adjunct and extremely helpful for chronic issues that have no underlying medical cause and even for those that are medically related. It is my belief that most medical issues have an emotional connection that when addressed, can alleviate or help to heal the physical problem.

Rates :

90 minute session : 70 euros.



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What is Reiki ?


Reiki is a Japanese method which dates from the early twentieth century. Its founder, Mikao Usui, (1865 - 1926).

According to an official definition, the Japanese words "Rei" means “mind” and "Ki" refers to the vital energy that is within us. We could therefore translate REIKI as the energy of the mind or the mind power.


Reiki is not related to any religion. It is secular and belongs to the energy therapies. It helps restore the flow of energy in the body, in order to restore balance and to energize. The body and mind work much better when the energy circulates smoothly. Our fears, our anxieties, our stress, are like ''plugs'' that prevent this energy from flowing freely. Reiki gradually reduces these energy blocks in order to achieve better “circulation.”

What happens during a Reiki session?
A Reiki session lasts about one hour and takes place in three stages:


- Discussion about your reason for seeking Reiki and what you would like to work on.

- Reiki healing 
- Feedback about information I received during your Reiki and opportunity for you to share your    experience as well
The work is done gently and the benefits of Reiki appear gradually. People tend to feel more focused, relaxed and free from tension, both physically and psychologically. Essentially, while your outside world may not change, your perception of it will.


Reiki is not magic, but it is a way to effectively unify the body and mind

Combined with Life Coaching, Reiki is a very effective technique. A kind of “shortcut” on the path to finding yourself.

Rates :

60 minute session : 60 euros.



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The world we live in has become increasingly complex and stressful. By investing small amounts of time in yourself through massage or energy healing, you can alleviate some of this stress and begin to heal your mind as well as your body. Small investments in your self-care can not only change the way you feel, but can bring a new sense of energy, vitality and joy into your day to day routine, and can help to release pain and energy blocks as well, allowing the body to become more balanced and to function at its optimum health.

What Type of Massage Do I Provide?


I provide Swedish, also known as California massageDeep TissueBalinese and Thai massage.  Swedish  massages  focus  on  relaxation,  increased  circulation,  reduced muscle tension and stress release. Deep tissue, Balinese and   Thai massages use  localized

pressure as well as stretching, accupressure and reflexology to heal the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Swedish, Deep Tissue and Balinese massages are done unclothed and with oils whereas Thai massages are done clothed without oil.

While I provide different types of massage, my overall belief is that they should be relaxing, healing and not painful or traumatic to the body. This is because when a massage is painful, the body automatically becomes tense, thereby restricting the blood flow and creating more psychological and physical tension for the body to have to release. Therefore, the whole massage experience is important to me from beginning to end so that my clients feel pampered and attended to in a calm and relaxing environment. Because each person’s body is different, I enjoy feedback from my clients and ask questions to better customize each massage. I provide essential oils, meditation/healing music, soft lighting and water or tea after the massage in order to help assist with flushing out toxins in the body. The goal of each of my massages is for the client to feel more psychologically and physically relaxed, centered and balanced, and to allow a space to heal physical pain gently and gradually. Massage sessions can also be combined with energy healing if desired. Please be aware that the benefits of a massage increase when they are done on a regular basis so it is recommended to have a massage at least once a month. If dealing with a chronic physical issue, once a week is best until the problem has improved.

Rates :

Swedish (Relaxation) massage :

60 minutes : 50 euros

90 minutes : 65 euros

120 minutes : 80 euros

Deep Tissue/Balinese/Thai

60 minutes : 65 euros

90 minutes : 80 euros

120 minutes : 95 euros

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