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Coaching / Hypnosis 

How we can help you:


  • Multiple healing and wellness services in one place. Everyone heals differently, so working with professionals that are knowledgable and experienced in different techniques and can offer a wider variety of services saves you valuable time and money and allows a faster healing process.


  • Highly knowledgable and skilled professionals with over 20 years experience who truly understand the healing process.


  • Individual services by Skype/phone for your convenience and saving you valuable time.


  • Transformational wellness retreats with more than just yoga, but also workshops, individual services, and practical tools, tips and feedback to use immediately in your life to make changes.


  • A variety of short and long-term, affordable retreats to meet different budgets and further support your healing process.


  • Dedication to helping you find real solutions right away in your life and to feeling better.

A few words from our inspiring participants...

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Our Retreats
Happiness Packages
Mandy, Germany
Transformational program
Amazing experience with lots of insights and fully re-charged batteries! The holistic approach that considers body, mind & spirit makes it very effective and the dedication and positive energy that is given by Tania and Lucas makes it very special. Lots of laughter, good conversation (and food!) and smiles and lots of good vibrations to be taken home. Without knowing me they got to the grounds of what I needed to be focusing on immediately - that was very impressive. I felt understood from the very first minute and all the way through.
As my first retreat I came expecting to expand my knowledge about yoga and meditation. But I got so much more, by actually expanding my knowledge about myself, and how my mind works. And most important, how to guide it towards happiness and for that I'll be forever grateful.
I enjoyed everything! The space is super cozy and relaxing. The schedule was perfectly balanced, the food was amazing.

Tayane, Brazil 

Yoga & Meditation program 

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