After working for years in a highly successful and well-known company I felt a void. Something was missing-- the notion of freedom, support, helping others...


To take the time to look at myself and my life, I decided to travel the world-- just me and my backpack. I traveled several months in South East Asia... Then I went to Australia, South, Central and North America. Several months on a journey both geographically and personally. 


I returned back home different, but not yet strong enough or at peace with myself to really change my life, overcome my fears and follow the direction in which my dreams led me.

"Our instinct and our body are the best guides.

If we ignore them, life will always bring us challenges that reminds us of this"

So I resumed my work, refusing to listen to my body and instinct which were trying to tell me that I was not going in the right direction.

The signals that were being sent by my body grew stronger and a life-threatening illness entered into my life. An illness that could no longer be ignored and that would require significant treatment. I had no choice. Or rather, since we always have a choice, I could continue to ignore the situation and take the risk of losing my life, or I could accept that my body was desperately trying to tell me something and pay attention. 


I was forced to stop and to finally take the time… time to look at my life, time to follow the treatment, time to understand, time to learn and to accept to finally face my fears and my limiting beliefs. I had to accept that I could not continue in the same way any longer.

"Don't wait to realize that

you have the choice to be happy"

This was the starting point for a real, deep, inner-change and a return to my personal quest that I had started 2 years earlier during my world trip. A path where I had to finally look at myself, to face my behaviors and understand them and to make peace with my past in order to build my future. I chose not to go into long-term therapy. I knew to stay only in my head, in the intellect, was a mistake... I needed to also connect to my body and my emotions and to find a balance between the two.


I knew the wounds and shackles of emotional dependence and I discovered how to free myself. I met people who contributed to me reconnecting little by little to myself. It was a difficult process where I faced a lot of my inner demons and fears and I learned to respect and listen to myself and listen to my body. My mind often wanted me to stop, to go back to what I knew because even though I had suffered in my past, at least I was familiar with it. Finally connected to my instinct, I held on and continued down this new path... in order to become myself.

"I discovered the powerful connection between our mind and our body

and everything changed"

Since then, life coaching has become my way to help people reconnect with themselves and to realize their potential before getting to a point like me. A way to show that we all have the power to be free, happy, and in alignment with ourselves, our desires and our dreams. That we have within each of us, everything we need to find peace and to finally realize and start our own journey.

"You are capable of improving your life, and whatever your goal or your dream,

you can achieve it... "

In order to best help people with this important journey, I wanted to have a solid foundation in life coaching and so I took several certification courses. I learned different techniques such as NLP, visualization, graphology and psycho-geneology that allow me to meet the needs of my clients. My life coaching style is now the result of my various trainings, as well as many other techniques and approaches that I have learned during my own transformation and that I have developed and adapted. Recognizing the importance of the mind, body and spirit connection, I also trained for several months and became a Certified Reiki Practitioner, bringing a more holistic and comprehensive approach to my life coaching.


My road to becoming who I am comes from a lot of struggle and pain for sure. I waited too long to start to my own journey, making it more difficult and challenging. But it’s because of this that I am also better able to accompany my clients on their own journey, to understand their struggles and to know how truly important this work is.


Lastly, before you leave, let me remind you that it is possible to be happy, to be in harmony with yourself, to feel good in your life and to be able change things that even at this moment seem impossible to face. 


You are capable of improving your life, and whatever your goal or your dream, you can achieve it...


Don't wait! 


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