Wanting to make some changes in your life, but needing guidance and support?

Looking to feel better, more at peace with yourself and others?

Needing concrete tools to feel good and reach your goal?

Hi, I'm Lucas.

I'm here to help you make

the change you need.

Holistique Coach / Reiki Practitioner

"Thanks to my work with Lucas, I know today how to manage stress, and I can deal with difficult situations and relationships."

Renée M, US

"Lucas is one of those people who marks a turning point in your life. He helps to restore self confidence, confidence in life, showing that anything is possible and that we are all masters of our destiny ... .."

Yannis T, FR

Make a change - Coaching Package

This coaching package is a great opportunity to start your path to happiness.

It's a real chance to give yourself an amazing gift: the possibility to feel better, and reach your goals.

During our 4 sessions you will understand what takes you away from your dreams,

learn ways to feel better and use tips and tools to keep reaching your goal!

Session 1 (1hr)


  • Holistic assessment to identify your immediate concerns and goals.

  • Setting your goal or intention

  • Development of a strategy to implement to achieve your goal.



Session 2 (1hr)


  • Understand what pulls you away from your goal, where are your limitations

  • Learning how develop and use new resources to feel healthy emotionally and physically

  • Tools and tips about reconnecting with yourself



Session 3 (1 hr)


  • Learning how set boundaries and protect yourself

  • Developing your letting go and manage your stress

  • Tools and tips about how to attract your goal.



Session 4 (1 hr)


  • Further discussion about your action plan and progress with initial goal/needs.

  • Final recommendations and suggestions for your healing and wellness.

Benefits of the

''Make a change'' Package

Save valuable time and money and receive powerful coaching and tools for your life today!


  • Holistic assessment designed by a trained holistic coach and intuitive reader to more quickly identify and pinpoint your primary issue(s) and needs.

  • Receive Guided relaxation MP3’s

  • Valuable information/guidance for your life from holistic assessment.

  • Convenient sessions provided by phone or Skype means no running around to appointments, sitting in traffic and spending extra time.

  • Practical feedback, tools and exercises to begin using right away in your day-to-day life to help you reach your initial goal, to heal and be happy !

  • Perfect if you’re looking for real change in your life but prefer a short-term approach

Total Package - 200€


Worth 260€

You save 60€!



How much longer will you wait to be happy?

Call or email me for an appointment today!

Tel. +33 6 71 36 74 86
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