Our Team

Lucas is a certified holistic life coach, reiki practitioner and hypnotist from France with additional knowledge in techniques such as NLP, visualization, and psycho-geneology. His practice is focused on assisting people to reconnect back to themselves and their needs. Lucas is skilled at guiding people towards solutions and ways to make concrete changes in their lives.

Tania is a licensed psychotherapist, intuitive energy healer and certified massage therapist and hypnotist from Los Angeles. Tania focuses her life and practice on the mind/body/spirit connection and works in helping people to uncover their authentic self and life. Tania believes that true healing comes from listening to our deepest needs and dreams and that it is from this place of honesty that everything is possible in our lives.

Sebastien in 2009 discovered and worked at the largest organic store in France, uncovering his passion to help people through nutrition and natural medicine. He later studied Iridology as another way to assist people in regaining their health and wellbeing. With these two treatment modalities, he is a wealth of knowledge about all things pertaining to nutrition, health and how to live an organic lifestyle.

Melodie has been working in an organic store for several years and knows all things related to living a healthy life. She has also studied aromatherapy and essential oils to further assist her clients find emotional and physical wellness and balance. 

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