Let's talk about your well-being...

To support you on your way towards well-being and reaching your goals, we offer different types of therapy. From the use of conventional therapy to coaching to different exercises designed specifically for you... we are here to help you understand yourself, your thought patterns, to help you make peace with the past and to overcome your fears so you can build your future serenely and achieve your dreams ...

Life Coaching

Service provided by Lucas



Evolve in a space of trust and respect without judgement…

Advance without any pressure or the need for “masks” in order to move more effectively and efficiently towards your true self and your goals.

Free of any sense of guilt or "having to be", you can more easily rid yourself of old patterns and open up to new possibilities and a new “you.”

Two things to remember...

- Being happy is not something to be scared of

- It is in your power to achieve your projects and desires and to be the director of your own life


Don’t hesitate… dare to become yourself!



Service provided by Tania


The world we live in has become increasingly complex and stressful. Most people are juggling work, relationships, family life and so many other obligations and activities that the stress level for each person appears to be increasing more and more. Unfortunately, after living under this pressure for too long the mind and body begins to suffer at some point leading to physical problems, chronic pain, fatigue, disease, depression, anxiety, and a host of other issues. Therapy is an opportunity to begin to let go of the excess stress of daily life and to come to understand our ways of coping in order to function better. Accompanied by other techniques, therapy can be extremely effective in our quest for happiness.

Invest this crucial time in yourself and see the benefits...


Feel better in your couple

Service provided by Lucas


Sometimes love is not enough ...

Love is an indispensable part of the life and harmony of a happy couple, but often there are lots of other factors that interfere causing conflict, arguments and over time can erode the relationship and eventually lead to the couple falling apart if nothing is done.

Come and learn how to communicate your emotions to your partner, to understand your way of thinking as well as your partner’s, and your reactions in order to better understand each other. Understand what you can and cannot control in your relationship. Understand the underlying reasons for the conflict, heal old wounds, learn new behavior patterns, and let go of destructive patterns...


Come learn how to love...both your partner and yourself.

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Feel better.

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