What is Reiki ?
Many people have heard of Reiki, but few know what it is. It must be said that there are many explanations and some are more obscure than others.


Reiki is a Japanese method which dates from the early twentieth century. Its founder, Mikao Usui, (1865 - 1926) discovered it during a “Satori,” a spiritual awakening experience of Zen Buddhism. 

According to the official definition of the French Federation of Reiki, the Japanese words "Rei" means “mind” and "Ki" refers to the vital energy that is within us. We could therefore translate REIKI as the energy of the mind or the mind power.


Reiki is not related to any religion. It is secular and belongs to the energy therapies. It helps restore the flow of energy in the body, in order to restore balance and to energize. The body and mind work much better when the energy circulates smoothly. Our fears, our anxieties, our stress, are like ''plugs'' that prevent this energy from flowing freely. Reiki gradually reduces these energy blocks in order to achieve better “circulation.”

What happens during a Reiki session?
A Reiki session lasts about one hour and takes place in three stages:


- Discussion about your reason for seeking Reiki and what you would like to work on.

- Reiki healing 
- Feedback about information I received during your Reiki and opportunity for you to share your    experience as well
The work is done gently and the benefits of Reiki appear gradually. People tend to feel more focused, relaxed and free from tension, both physically and psychologically. Essentially, while your outside world may not change, your perception of it will.


Reiki is not magic, but it is a way to effectively unify the body and mind

Combined with Life Coaching, Reiki is a very effective technique. A kind of “shortcut” on the path to finding yourself.



60 minute session

 60 euros


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