Yoga Pose of the Week- Supported Fish

If you have an office job where you sit much of the day, if you often use a computer, or if you experience neck or back pain, anxiety or stress, consider investing just 5 minutes of your time each night before bed to open your chest/shoulders and restore your back and nervous system. This is a wonderful pose for so many things including being a powerful way to open up the heart chakra giving us a sense of joy, relief and openness. For an added impact, while in the pose, add a mantra that activates your heart chakra such as, "I deserve to be loved," "I am open to the possibilites of my life," or " I am open and loving." Try it and notice the immediate positive effects. Because this pose can be initially intense for the back, make sure when coming out of the pose to bend your knees, roll onto your side and gently push yourself up with your arms. Happy fishing!

Tania Manczarek is a trained Therapist, Intuitive Energy Worker, Certified Yoga Instructor and Massage Practitioner who offers individual services by phone/Skype and wellness retreats in France and abroad. Learn more about her and her practice here.

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