Yoga pose of the week- Leg-Against-Wall

This is a simple inversion that is very gentle and wonderful for relieving swollen and tired feet, improving circulation in the legs and hips, has a calming effect on the nervous system and can relieve PMS and menstrual pain.

If you experience any discomfort with this pose, an easier version is to use a chair for your legs. You can stay in this pose for an extended period of time (5-10 minutes) as long as it feels comfortable. For added benefits, combine it with a breathing exercise or mantra. Try breathing in slowly for 4 counts and breathing out for 4 counts. Adjust the count to your level and increase it as your breath improves. Relax and enjoy!

Tania Manczarek is a trained therapist, intuitive energy worker, certified yoga instructor, massage practitioner and hypnotist. She focuses on healing through the mind/body/spirit connection. She offers individual wellness services by phone/Skype, events and retreats in France and abroad and support groups for individuals with chronic illness. Her FB group is Feel Better Be Happy. Find out more about her and her practice here.

#yogaforstress #Relaxation #Toolstofeelbetter

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